OpsLevel Integrates with GitHub (and Bitbucket)

You likely use a myriad of cloud-based tools to operate your services.  At OpsLevel, part of our master plan is bringing various data points from all of these tools to help you gain insights and build more reliable software. We’re proud to announce our latest step on this journey with our new Github and Bitbucket integrations.

Git Integrations

Our git integrations use either GitHub and Bitbucket to unlock a lot of new functionality in OpsLevel:

  • New checks are available that can dive deep into your codebase.
    Do you want to make sure all your Python services are on a modern version of the language?  Or that no services are using an old library that you’re trying to deprecate?  Or that every service has a CircleCI config file?  You can do that.
  • OpsLevel will stay up-to-date by reading the opslevel.yml files in your services’ repos.
    Now you don’t have to go to OpsLevel’s UI to update your service metadata and can make changes to service metadata using pull requests.

You can read more about our Git integration in our docs section.

Feedback welcome

As always, if you have any feedback about reports, please email us at info@opslevel.com.

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