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About us

We help engineering teams ship high-quality code, faster.

Our leaders

John Laban
John Laban
CEO & Co-Founder
Kenneth Rose
Kenneth Rose
CTO & Co-Founder
Megan Dorcey
Megan Dorcey
Head of Marketing
Tom Kress
Tom Kress
Head of Sales
Our Story

Poor developer experience is hurting your business

As first engineers at PagerDuty and having learned DevOps culture in the early days of Amazon, our founders saw a big problem with the emerging 'you build it, you own it' mentality. Too many teams were layering tools and processes on their developers, which slowed them down and burned them out faster. Teams were starting to choose one of two paths: Total autonomy (and chaos) or slow and rigid processes. Both are bad for business.

We've witnessed how DevOps helped one of the first and largest microservices architectures grow and sprawl at Amazon and have experienced Shopify's transition to cloud native. We've been software architects, operational incident commanders, and everything in between.

We've seen—and experienced—the difficulties that microservices architectures with distributed ownership and operations can bring to an engineering team. We set out to help engineering teams strike a balance between moving fast and driving service maturity and standardization.

We founded OpsLevel to solve these problems and make it easy for development teams to be more efficient while staying on the golden path. With the OpsLevel developer portal, developers can move as quickly as they want and leadership can rest easy knowing they're not sacrificing standards.


Balancing work and life

We're in this for the long haul. We have family, friends, and hobbies that we want to attend to at the end of the day (and we suspect you do too). There's always a lot to do in a startup, so we're hyperfocused on prioritizing the most important work and saying no when we have to.


A customer-centric mindset is at the core of everything we do.

Focus & Efficiency

We don't let the fast-paced nature of a startup get in our way of ruthless prioritization.


Don't overthink it.

Growth Mindset

We lean into experimentation and learning to help us be better.

Intellectual Honesty

Best solution > ego.
Optimize for OpsLevel first.

Work with us

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