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About Us


John Laban

CEO & Co-Founder

Kenneth Rose

CTO & Co-Founder

Megan Dorcey

Head of Marketing

Todd Osborne

Head of Worldwide Sales

Rob Vretenar

Director of Engineering

Our Story

Our founders have helped facilitate the rise of DevOps culture as very early employees at PagerDuty. We've witnessed how DevOps helped one of the first (and largest) microservices architectures grow and sprawl at Amazon, and have experienced Shopify's transition to cloud native.

We've been software architects, operational incident commanders, and have run the gamut in between. We've seen - and experienced - the difficulties that microservices architectures with distributed ownership & operations can bring to an engineering team. We founded OpsLevel to solve these problems, and make it easy for development teams to own their software in production.

Our Values

We're in this for the long haul, so work/life balance is a priority for us. We have family, friends, and hobbies that we want to attend to at the end of the day (and we suspect you do too). There's always a lot to do in a startup, so we're hyperfocused on prioritizing the most important work and saying no when we have to.

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