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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't know how many Services I have?

With our integrations and auto-discovery, we'll quickly build out your catalog to help you find the right answer. Book a meeting today so you can stop worrying about orphaned services or gaps in ownership.

How does Service Creation work under the hood?

Today Service Creation is based on the open-source Cookiecutter project. There are other templating tools or scaffolding generators that we may support in the future. Have one we should know about? Let us know.

Do developers need to install any tooling or require additional access to use Service Creation?

No, there is nothing for developers to install or maintain locally. They only need access to OpsLevel. Learn more about the benefits of Service Creation on our blog.

What languages or frameworks does Service Creation support?

Cookiecutter is entirely language agnostic. Templates can be defined to create new services of any kind.

How are templates defined and exposed in OpsLevel?

OpsLevel admins can import any Cookiecutter template into their OpsLevel template library. Template definition happens outside of OpsLevel, before a template is imported. Learn more in our docs.

What level of support do you offer?

We provide support over email, dedicated per-customer Slack channels, and via in-app chat.

Do you offer a free trial?

OpsLevel offers a free, two-week pilot period. You’ll have complete use of the entire OpsLevel platform and direct access to our guided support and success resources as you complete onboarding.

How is OpsLevel priced?

OpsLevel is priced on a per-service basis. We offer annual contracts and volume discounts as you scale. Please book a meeting to learn more.

What security standards does OpsLevel follow?

OpsLevel is SOC2 Type 2 certified. More details are available on our security page.

What happens after I request a meeting?

If OpsLevel is a potential fit for your organization, we’ll book a 45-minute session with someone from our team. During the meeting, we’ll learn about your architecture and goals, give you a demo of OpsLevel, and answer any questions you have.

What is OpsLevel?

OpsLevel is a platform for engineering orgs to track, manage, and improve (reliability, security, and quality) their microservices. We say micro, but if you have lots of macro services, we can help you catalog those too. Next, we’re building a developer portal.