Repo File Checks

After setting up a Git Repository Integration, OpsLevel can continuously scan your code repositories and verify all of the operational best practices you’ve defined.

Along with the integration comes two new checks: the Repo File Check and the Repo Search Check.

The Repo File Check

Repo File Check

With the Repo File Check, you can verify the existence or contents of a file in your repo.

Why would you want to do that?  Well, let’s see some examples of different kinds of checks you can build:

Repo File Check Examples

Verify Rails is not logging passwords

Part of the Rails Security Guide talks about how to set up Rails to not log passwords. You can verify that your apps have this enabled:

Filename Predicate Contents
config/initializers/filter_parameter_logging.rb contains config.filter_parameters << :password

Verify CircleCI is setup properly

If you use CircleCI, you can verify any aspect of your continuous integration. For example, you may want to verify that linting is enabled with Danger or that you’re running tests with Rspec.

Filename Predicate Contents
.circleci/config.yml contains bundle exec rspec
.circleci/config.yml contains -run:danger

You can read more about repo file check in our documentation section.

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