Syncing Service Metadata with opslevel.yml

So, OpsLevel is cool and all, but you know what’s not cool? Clicking around in a UI whenever you want to change some of the properties of a service.

Well click no longer! Now, with our Git Repository Integration, all you need to do is to plunk down an opslevel.yml file at the root of one of your repositories and OpsLevel will use that to populate the corresponding service on OpsLevel’s side. (If the repository isn’t already mapped to a service, OpsLevel will create a new one.)

Keeping your service metadata up to date is now as simple as making a pull request. Making service changes integrates nicely into your existing developer workflows: e.g. transferring service ownership to another team is probably something that should go through a code review anyhow.

Example opslevel.yml file

version: 1
  name: Shopping Cart Service
  owner: order_management_team

See our extensive documentation for a more comprehensive list of properties you can track in opslevel.yml.

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