A Modern Service Catalog

Make it simple to own and operate services with our self-documenting system that captures valuable ownership metadata.

Catalog Creation

Send real-time data to OpsLevel from your repos, clusters, deploys, or any piece of your toolchain. Stand up your catalog in minutes. No more spreadsheets.

Service Ownership

Track every microservice and system. And the team responsible for it. Leave no gaps in ownership, accountability, and authority.
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ChatOps with Slack

When incidents happen, pull deploys, config changes, dashboard links, or key operational context into Slack. Get fixing quicker.

Increase your bus factor

Eliminate silos and single points of (knowledge) failure.
Whether you're growing and hiring or evolving and re-orging, get engineers up-to-speed faster.

Increase on-call confidence

With service metadata, dependencies, dashboards, recent deploys, and more in a unified portal, on-call is stress-free.

Accelerate onboarding

End repetitive questions and ramp new hires quickly with a self-serve portal for understanding your architecture.

Self-service for your stakeholders

Questions from Product? Support? Compliance? Your catalog speaks for itself and lets engineering focus on building.

Create your catalog today

Stand up your automated catalog in minutes. No more spreadsheets.