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Senior Product Designer Interview Process

Hi there! 👋 We look forward to meeting you!

Our interview process is structured to simulate typical day-to-day scenarios that you’d encounter at OpsLevel.  There won’t be any gotcha questions, but we have different interview slots that aim to cover the various aspects of your role and craft.  All slots are held remotely and don’t have to be scheduled consecutively, though they can be if you want.

We want to work with the best people at OpsLevel, so while recognize that our interview process is meticulous, it is a reflection of the high bar of excellence we hold ourselves to.

Changing jobs is an important milestone and we strongly believe that interviewing is a two way street.  Throughout the interview process, you will be meeting with lots of different OpsLevelers.  Please don’t feel shy about asking lots of questions.  We’re very transparent about what it’s like working here.

First Contact

1. Intro Call    

A 45 minute intro call with one of our Product Designers, or our CTO, Ken. It’s an informal chat to get to know you better, to hear what you’re looking for in your next role, and to tell you more about OpsLevel.

Virtual Onsite

1. Portfolio Review    

In this interview, you’ll have 60 minutes to present 1-2 projects you’ve worked on to the hiring panel.Our overall goal is to understand your product design process and skills, so be prepared to dive into what problem you solved, the rationale and decisions made in your design journey, and the final design solution.

2. Design Duet    

This slot is a “whiteboard” challenge where you and other OpsLevelers will work together for 60 minutes to solve a design challenge. You’ll be given some loose requirements around a business case, and work with the Product Manager and Tech Lead to understand the user problem and create a design solution. Our goal here is to understand how you approach a novel problem and work with others towards a solution. Please come prepared with a collaboration software of your choice.

3. Stakeholder Interviews    

In this slot, you’ll get a chance to meet other OpsLevelers from different functional areas: Product Management, Engineering, Customer Success, and Marketing. The interviews will be in two 30 minute calls, and each stakeholder will have their own questions around how you’d work together. We encourage you to come with any questions you might have about working at OpsLevel!