Update and UX Changes

Hey friends,

Thank you all for the feedback you’ve provided so far. We’ve actioned a lot of the items you’ve given us. 🎉

Here’s a list of recent changes in this last week:

  • On the Services index page, you can filter by Owner. Filter is stored in the query string so you can share these URLs.
  • You can create a new team inline while creating a new service. This speeds up setting up new services that don’t have associated teams defined yet.
  • UX issue: some users inadvertently logged out because they engaged the profile menu in the top right by hovering over it. We’ve changed the affordance to require a click instead of a hover.
  • UX improvements around inviting users:
    • After inviting a new user, we now clear out the name/email text boxes.
    • Validations don’t scream at you while you type (edited)

Some upcoming changes to watch out in the upcoming weeks: 📅

  1. Reporting on check adoption. We’re going to show which services are passing / failing which checks. (Update: Reports launched! See Announcing Reports)
  2. Mocks for more sophisticated checks. Checks are currently only based on “Is there a tool in the Operations Center?“. We’re putting together mocks for how OpsLevel will integrate checks with other SaaS tools like Github and PagerDuty.
  3. Full text search to filter tables (instead of the basic filtering functionality we just released above).

As usual, we appreciate any and all feedback. Don’t be shy about sharing it. 😎

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