Service Suggestions

A microservice catalog is only as good as the data it contains. OpsLevel is making it easier than ever to keep your service list up-to-date with its new Service Suggestions feature.

With Service Suggestions, we automatically discover new services when they get deployed and help you add them to OpsLevel. For services that are already in OpsLevel, we can also help you easily attach those deployment streams to the right service.

To use this feature you will need to have deployment tracking set up with OpsLevel so that an event is sent every time a service is deployed. If we can’t find a service to associate with the deploy we will make a suggestion.

Service Suggestions

You’ll have the option of creating a new service or attaching the deploy events to an existing service. If a service was already created with the alias after we received the deploy event you will instead be given the option of attaching the deploy events to that service.

To learn how to setup an deployment integration and take advantage of this new feature you can read our documentation.

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