Data Export

Extracting data from OpsLevel

OpsLevel contains a ton of information about your technical services and systems, but it doesn’t contain all of the information about your business. Fortunately the data in OpsLevel isn’t trapped there! In addition to our existing GraphQL API, we now support extracting all of your OpsLevel data into your ETL pipeline and data warehouse.

The data you can extract from OpsLevel includes all of your microservice metadata, ownership info, and operational health data. Essentially anything you can see in OpsLevel will be included in the extraction.

Why load your OpsLevel data into your data warehouse? With this integration you will be able to join your microservice data with the rest of your business’ data, allowing for the creation of fully customized reports and queries. This has the potential to unlock new insights into your services, teams, and operations.

How does it work? At a high level, we push all the data associated with your account into an S3 bucket you own/control in both full and incremental formats. From there you will need to ingest it. For more details you can read our documentation page.

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