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Catalog everything in production

A robust developer portal needs a complete and up-to-date software catalog. OpsLevel automatically catalogs everything in your software ecosystem so you never have to wonder what's out there or who owns it.

Everything your team needs to build, ship, and fix software

Software Catalog
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Your central source of action for the entire engineering team

For platform engineers

Get a high-level view of how your entire software ecosystem is performing. Know what's out there, who owns it, and what you need to do to improve it.

For product developers

Your teams will ship faster without getting blocked by operational tasks or searching for information. Give them the tools and knowledge they need, when they need them.

For engineering leaders

Improve developer velocity and reduce downtime with a complete and rich developer portal. Go beyond cataloging and understand how your software is performing.

A complete software catalog

Get business-level visibility

Roll-up metrics and reports give leadership a top-line view into how entire business units are performing and where potential risk exists within their org or products.

Software Catalog
Software Catalog

Go beyond the service-level view

Map high-order groupings and relationships in your architecture that only ever existed in engineer’s heads, to answer questions like “what’s the end point for this service?”

Unblock your team to ship features faster

Product developers and on-call engineers have full context of how various services and software objects interact in production, empowering them to build new features better and address incidents faster.

Software Catalog
Software Catalog
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson

SVP, Engineering

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"We’ve tried spreadsheets, Backstage, custom-built scorecard software, etc. None of them did everything we wanted, but OpsLevel finally built the tool that’s helping us meaningfully improve our ownership and service quality."