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Catalog everything in production

Automatically build and maintain a complete service catalog so you never have to wonder what's out there or who owns it.

Service catalog
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How it works

Connect your repo

The first step of a healthy and complete catalog is uncovering every service out there. Connecting with your repository means you'll get the benefit of finding services, owners, and tech docs in moments.

Assign owners

Stop chasing owners. Spreadsheets can go stale quickly, but with OpsLevel's automated service detection, you'll not only see what's out there, but we'll infer who may be the owner.

Uplevel service health

With a complete catalog, you'll be able to see which services need attention and who to tap to take care of them. Keep software standards high and prevent incidents from happening in the first place.

Gain visibility in minutes, not months

Automatically Update Every Service

No more manually updating spreadsheets when service metadata changes. OpsLevel will automatically capture any updates so your teams knows exactly what is happening with a service at any given time.

Service catalog
Service catalog

Improve Developer Velocity

Building new services shouldn't require a scavenger hunt to find necessary information. Your developers now have easy access to all the info they need to create or manage any service.

Service catalog
Service catalog
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson

SVP, Engineering

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"We’ve tried spreadsheets, Backstage, custom-built scorecard software, etc. None of them did everything we wanted, but OpsLevel finally built the tool that’s helping us meaningfully improve our ownership and service quality."