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Enable a ready-made Action template from our library or create one yourself to help your team self-serve their own operational tasks—without ever sacrificing standards.

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Empower your team to self-serve today

Automatic operations at the push of a button

With Actions, developers can handle tasks that used to backlog the operations team like provisioning infra, updating secrets, or creating a new S3 bucket. No more ticket filing or Slack interruptions.


Service-specific or global in scope

Scope Actions to a specific object in your catalog, or implement a global action to unblock general tasks that aren't tied to a service. Learn more about setting up an Action in our docs.

Choose from our library of templated Actions

We've turned common operational tasks into ready-made Actions, so that you can turn them on and empower your developers to self-serve today—without having to build anything from scratch. Test our templates with a free trial.


Ready-made Actions you can turn on today

Ready to get started? Try out one of our templated Actions. We'll get you 90% of the way there—just finish some basic configuration and empower your teams.

You can choose one of six templated Actions from our library.

Start a free trial to check out our Action templates for yourself.

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