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Spotify Backstage Alternative

You don't have to DIY your developer portal.

OpsLevel is the most efficient way to build your developer portal. With out-of-the-box tools to help you identify, create, and manage your software footprint in minutes, from day one.

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Why do teams choose OpsLevel over Backstage?

Operating Spotify Backstage means wasting engineering time outside of core competencies. OpsLevel quickly builds a developer portal and enables production readiness across your organization. Schedule time and see a demo of Backstage vs OpsLevel.

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Simple Setup

Sync your services, dependencies, git repos, teams, and more using config-as-code or our GraphQL API.


Flexible Integrations

GitHub, Kubernetes, Terraform, Jenkins, Octopus, PagerDuty, Datadog, Slack, Backstage plugins and many more. Extensible? Absolutely.


Hosted and Supported

We're SaaS. Stop worrying about upgrade cycles and security patches. Have an issue? Get rapid support via email or Slack.


Operational Maturity

OpsLevel enables shipping more secure and resilient systems. We continuously check and enforce your best practices.

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Spotify Backstage: powerful but complex

Open source product offerings are not a silver bullet you can deploy and forget. You'll need a team to own and build your Backstage developer portal or service ownership catalog. Don't waste SRE or Platform Engineering time on learning Typescript. Instead, simplify things and let OpsLevel do the work for you.

See OpsLevel in action and learn why smart engineering teams never look back(stage).