SSO with Okta

Configure Okta as a SAML identity provider.

The OpsLevel Single Sign-On authentication method can be used with your organization’s existing Okta identity provider by configuring a SAML integration. Below are the detailed steps on how to get started using Okta and SAML

Setting up an Okta SAML Application

Note: You will need access to your SAML Endpoint URL located in the Authentication Method section of your Account Settings. Only admin users will have access to this section OpsLevel Authentication Method SAML Endpoint URL To set up an Okta SAML application, first:

  1. From the Okta dashboard, navigate to the Applications tab. Note: You may need to switch to the Classic UI in the upper left hand corner first.
  2. Press the Add Application button in the top left. Okta Add Application Screen
  3. You will be shown Okta’s Application Directory. Select Create New App under the search bar. Okta's Application Directory
  4. Select Web as your “Platform” and SAML 2.0 as your Sign on Method.
  5. Click Create.Okta Create a New Application Integration modal
  6. Specify an App Name for your SAML Integration. We recommend OpsLevel as this is what your employees will see.
  7. (Optional) Upload an App Logo to be displayed to your employees. You can find ours here.
  8. Click Next to begin configuring the SAML settings for you integration. Okta SAML General Settings
  9. Paste your SAML Endpoint URL located in the Authentication Method section of your Account Settings into the Single sign on URL field.
  10. Select the option Use this for Recipient URL and Destination URL
  11. Enter opslevel as the Audience URI
  12. Select Email as the Application username.Okta SAML General Settings
  13. Further down the page, configure the following Attributes to be set to OpsLevel with the SAML Response.
  14. Click Next when you have finished.Okta SAML Attribute Statement Settings
  15. Select the option: I’m an Okta customer adding an internal app option, followed by Finish. Okta Finish SAML Screen.
  16. In the Sign On tab, click View Setup Instructions to acquire your X.509 Certificate and Single Sign-On URL. Okta SAML Application Settings
  17. Copy the Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL and paste it into the OpsLevel Identity provider sign in URL field.
  18. Copy or download the X.509 Certificate. Use this certificate as the input for the X.509 certificate field under the Authentication Method portion of your OpsLevel account settings. Okta Application SAML Configuration OpsLevel Authentication Method SAML X509 Certificate and Endpoint URL
  19. Test out your brand-new Okta App!

If you are having trouble setting up your single sign-on in any way, send us an email at and we’ll be happy to help debug and diagnose any issues.