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Table of Contents
Getting Started
Single Sign On
User Management
Service Maturity
Service Creation
Custom Actions
Self Hosted

Custom Actions allow developers on your team to self-service on routine production operations directly from OpsLevel.

Example action to rollback to a specific commit.

With Actions, developers can:

  • Provision or resize infrastructure
  • Request time-limited escalated tokens/permissions
  • Provision a new Kafka topic
  • Send a structured Slack message
  • Trigger an incident in a tool like PagerDuty or Opsgenie
  • Open or merge a pull request
  • File a new issue or ticket in JIRA
  • Lock or unlock deploy pipelines
  • Rollback the last deploy
  • Kick off any CI pipeline

Actions are built using generic webhooks which makes them incredibly flexible. They can integrate with any system that exposes a public API. 

Webhooks, triggered by a developer invoking an action, can contain context/metadata from the service itself, or other data specific to the action that is manually entered by the developer.

Using Actions

Actions are available to users on the Service page. They can be as simple as a single click, or prompt the user for additional details before triggering the action. Users are provided immediate in-context feedback after the action completes. This feedback is configurable with Liquid templates making it possible to craft messages with formatting and conditional logic.

Debugging and auditing Actions

Admin users are able to easily debug and audit an Action’s usage history which includes the details entered by the triggering user and the HTTP response received by OpsLevel.

What's next?

Learn how to create and configure Custom Actions.