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NEW: Get a FREE 14-day trial of OpsLevel. Sign up here.

Tech Docs

Turn siloed markdown files into searchable shared context

With Tech Docs, internal documentation that used to be scattered across repos is now centralized in your OpsLevel developer portal—so context, discoverability, and search are built-in. OpsLevel is the one-stop shop for engineering knowledge you've been missing. Seeing is believing–so tour the new experience below.

Internal docs that work for everyone

A developer at their laptop

For Authors

No new tools. A docs-as-code approach means developers can write docs within their existing text editor and git workflows.

Platform engineers working with leverage to accelerate their developers

For Consumers

One interface for all service info. From internal docs, to dependencies, to deploys—it's all discoverable in OpsLevel.

An engineering leader

For Engineering Leaders

Consistency, quality, and visibility. Verify that every service meets your docs-as-code standards. No spreadsheets or emails required.

Tech Docs FAQ

What is docs-as-code?

Documentation as Code (docs-as-code) refers to the philosophy of writing documentation with the same tools as code. It also means doc writers (developers themselves or dedicated technical writers) follow the same workflows as development teams. This approach can be applied to internal and external software documentation. Learn more about docs-as-code here.

My organization isn't using a docs-as-code approach. Can we still use Tech Docs?

You must be storing your internal docs in a git repo that's integrated with OpsLevel in order to use this feature. But our Checks and Campaigns can help you drive this change within your organization—your developers will thank you!

Is Tech Docs a solution for external, public facing documentation?

No. Tech Docs is designed strictly for internal docs. Only authenticated users of your OpsLevel instance will be able to access Tech Docs.

Our internal docs already live in Confluence/Notion/Google Docs—how is Tech Docs different?

External docs solutions, or docs solutions that aren't designed for developers, tend to create silos. When information is siloed like this it often gets forgotten or goes stale.

With Tech Docs, the opposite happens. Your internal docs are centralized and live alongside all the important metadata in your service catalog, like ownership, dependencies, or Service Maturity level. Tech Docs are easily discoverable and searchable by all developers. Tech Docs are more visible to the entire organization, and so better updated and maintained.

"It's become that crucial for how we manage our microservices. We can’t go back to life without it.”

Kelvin J. – Senior Engineering Manager, Platform Operations at Podium