NEW: Get a FREE 14-day trial of OpsLevel. Sign up here.

NEW: Get a FREE 14-day trial of OpsLevel. Sign up here.

Service Detection

Build a complete service catalog in minutes

With Service Detection, OpsLevel detects every service within your git repositories, as soon as you integrate your git provider. It’s the fastest—and easiest—way to build and maintain a complete service catalog. Check it out for yourself.

The fastest way to build a catalog

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For platform engineers

Done in minutes, not months. Reduce time spent building and maintaining a catalog so end users realize value faster.

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For developers

Always up to date. Gain access to an automatically updated central source of truth—with less admin onus.

An engineering leader

For engineering leaders

Improve efficiency and DevX. Make sure your development teams are unblocked from the start.

Trusted by these industry leaders to drive service ownership.

Build your IDP for free

You only need 5 minutes to build your service catalog with OpsLevel, but we'll give you 30 days to test out all the bells and whistles.

Service Detection FAQ

What is Service Detection?

Service Detection identifies all services within your git repositories and pulls them into OpsLevel as suggested catalog objects or items—making it faster and easier than ever to get started.

How does Service Detection work?

We set rules and criteria to determine what constitutes a “service” in your repositories. Then, once you integrate your git provider(s), we will pull everything that meets these criteria into OpsLevel, consolidating everything we find into a proposed catalog.

What if Service Detection suggests something that I don't want in my catalog?

You will need to approve or ignore each entry we surface—you can do this individually or in bulk. If you ignore a service, it goes into an ignored state that can be revived later.

How is Service Detection different from Discovered Services?

Discovered Services uses a webhook in your CI pipeline to monitor what it’s being deployed to. Service Detection monitors everything in your git repo(s) to identify and entire catalog, whether or not a deploy is happening.