A Modern Microservice Catalog

Make it easy to own and operate services in production.
Reduce cognitive load and create a DevOps culture.

Service Ownership

Track every microservice you have running in production and the team responsible for it. Leave no gaps in ownership, accountability, and authority.

Easy Operability

Keep links to runbooks, dashboards, and all the tools you need to operate a given microservice at your fingertips.
Slack logo

ChatOps with Slack

Automatically push your recent deploys, config changes, and important operational context to Slack when an incident happens. Get fixing quicker.

Increase your bus factor

Eliminate silos and tribal knowledge.
Get every engineer operationally up-to-speed in half the time.

Take the fear out of going on-call

Remove the FUD from getting paged when everyone knows where to find what they need to resolve incidents.

Cut down onboarding time

Stop forcing your new hires to ask the same questions every time. Ramp them up quickly with self-serve information.

Adopt gamedays and on-call handoffs

Make these operational practices a piece of cake with OpsLevel's operations center. Access it via the web or directly in Slack.

Start owning your microservices

We'll show you how OpsLevel's microservice catalog can help you improve ownership and move faster.