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Internship Opportunities

Well Hello 👋... let us introduce ourselves

OpsLevel is a seed stage startup based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our founders are an experienced team of ex-Amazon, ex-Shopify, and ex-PagerDuty folks. We have paying customers and closed our seed round with fantastic Silicon Valley investors.

We've also hired lots of interns in the past, so have some ideas on what makes for a good placement.

Hear from Previous Interns

Reasons to work with us

  • Phenomenal Mentorship and Growth
    We're a small team. Every intern works closely with other full time engineers and our CTO to oversee their work and achieve their goals.
  • Impactful Work
    We value shipping at OpsLevel. The features you build will be used by actual people.
  • Fun Activities
    We offer catered lunch daily and have the typical startup accoutrements of foosball, table tennis, air hockey, and video games. We also have a bit of fun occasionally and go out about once a month as a team. Past activities have included team dinners, escape rooms, a "magic fruit" party, and a cottage retreat.
team in a photo frame
Rafting Fun
Fun on the Water 2

Qualities We Look For

We evaluate interns against our cultural values. Our cultural values are:

  • Empathy: Think of others; think of your users
  • Growth Mindset: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Intellectual Honesty: The best solution is more important than anyone's ego
  • Focus & Efficiency: Keep the main thing the main thing
  • Simplicity