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Discovering Services from Deploy and Check Events

If OpsLevel is sent a deploy or a check with a service identifier that we don’t recognize yet, we will suggest that you either add a new service or add it as an alias to an existing service.

You’ll find the suggestions on the Services page, under the Discovered Services tab. We show a list of unique service identifiers that we’ve received from deploys or checks, but didn’t match directly to any known service. We also display the source of each service identifier in the Source column. We will suggest mapping the deploy or check result to an existing service if the name is similar, otherwise we will suggest adding a new service to OpsLevel.

Review the suggestions and make any changes to the action or service name. The actions are:

  • Create - Make a new service and attach the associated deploys and check results.
  • Map - Attach the alias to the existing service and merge the new deploys/check results with the old deploys/check results.

Once the action and service name are correct, hit Accept to take the suggested action.

Check out suggestions

Any action that you take is recorded to help you audit any events created from suggestions in the Recent Activities tab.

Suggestions History

You can also hide the suggestions if they aren’t helpful by clicking Ignore. You can view ignored suggestions by changing the filter from Status: Pending to Status: Ignored. You can then have them show again by clicking Unignore.

Note: Ignoring suggestions will ignore them for the entire account.

Ignore suggestions