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Ready to roll out your Developer Portal?

Looking for a Cortex alternative? Try OpsLevel for deeper and more granular control over your developer portal–unblock bottlenecks and help your developers move faster with self-serve access to the tools and information they need.

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Trusted by these industry leaders to drive service ownership.

Why do teams choose OpsLevel to manage their microservices?

With our developer portal, your software developers have fast access to accurate, comprehensive service metadata. From ownership and contact information, to dependencies and runbooks, it's all at their fingertips.

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Fast Setup

Sync your services, dependencies, git repos, teams, and more using config-as-code or our GraphQL API. Keep it all up to date with automated service suggestions.


Source of Truth

De-risk onboarding & reorgs. Codify implicit knowledge and turn fragmented understanding into centralized intelligence, accessible by everyone in your organization.


Compounding Leverage

Cognitive load on your developers? Decreased. Developer Velocity? Increased. Help your teams work more efficiently and spend more time on actual product development.


Flexible Integrations

We fit seamlessly into your toolchain. Build & enrich your catalog with Kubernetes, Terraform, Jenkins, Octopus, PagerDuty, Datadog, Slack, and more. Extensible? Absolutely.

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Why your org needs an IDP

Put an end to repetitive questions in Slack like Who owns this service? or What does this service actually do? and let your OpsLevel developer portal speak for itself.

See OpsLevel in action and learn why so many engineering teams chose OpsLevel over Cortex.

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