Repository Visibility

You can use OpsLevel’s Git Integrations to run code-level checks against your services, to bring ownership to your repos, and more. While the best way of integrating your repositories with OpsLevel is importing everything, we realize however that some repositories are more important than others. (cough 6-month-old hackday project cough.) Oftentimes these repositories aren’t ready to be archived or deleted, but also don’t need the full OpsLevel experience. Wouldn’t it be nice if they almost didn’t exist at all in OpsLevel?

Repository Visibility

You can now hide those crufty repositories that don’t require ownership! Hidden repositories do not count towards your ownership stats and are hidden by default. It’s as though they don’t even exist. Additionally, OpsLevel has tied into the archive workflow for our integrations, automatically hiding repositories when they are archived should they not be tied to any existing services.

For more details visit our docs page.

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