OpsLevel Single Sign-On Integration

OpsLevel SSO Integration

Don’t you hate remembering all of your passwords? With OpsLevel’s Single Sign-On integration all of your microservice data is seconds away without the need for another long and secure password.

With single sign-on, you get:

  1. Automatic user provisioning: OpsLevel will create a user for you as long as the employee has access to the OpsLevel application in your identity provider.
  2. Revoke user access: Removing a user’s access from OpsLevel is as simple as revoking their access in your identity provider.

Using Google, Auth0 or Okta?

Checkout our guides on how to configure Google, Auth0 or Okta alongside OpsLevel!

Using a different provider? Then check out this page.

Feedback welcome

As always, if you have any feedback about reports, please email us at info@opslevel.com.

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