Keep Your Service Catalog Up-to-Date with Discovered Services

A service catalog is a valuable asset for any growing engineering organization delivering software at scale. But valuable assets aren’t created or earned easily. That’s why, at OpsLevel, we’re always thinking about ways to make building and maintaining an up-to-date service catalog simpler. Recently we upgraded our Discovered Services capabilities to do just that.

Discover and import new services with one click

With the new version, Discovered Services in OpsLevel is more powerful and easier to work with. On the new Discovered Services tab, we now show service suggestions from both your deploy events and your check payloads–regardless of whether or not they’re associated with an existing service in OpsLevel.

This means you can now turn a service suggestion into a brand new service in OpsLevel with a single click. Whether this service is new to your architecture or was missed when you first built your catalog, Discovered Services will now suggest creating a service in OpsLevel any time an unknown service identifier appears in data submitted from your deploy or check integrations.

The service suggestions table, seen below, includes a clear indicator of what data feed a suggestion comes from, in order to make your triage activities easier. Speaking of clarity, the table also now provides explicit preview text so it’s obvious what action you’re taking when accepting a Discovered Services suggestion. They last thing you want to do is add or process incorrect data in your service catalog.

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Two service suggestions in the upgraded Discovered Services view

Connect the dots

In addition to creating new services, Discovered Services also ensures that data from your operational toolchain is mapped correctly within OpsLevel. Naming and naming conventions in software are notoriously challenging topics. As a result, a single service often has a variety of slightly different names across your tools and systems. OpsLevel’s fuzzy matching algorithms easily flags these scenarios, surfacing them for your final confirmation.

For any service suggestion, a user has three options:

  • they can accept our suggestion as-is
  • they can change the mapping to what they know to be correct
  • they can ignore the suggestion (which archives or hides the suggestion)

Within an OpsLevel account, Discovered Services is a view shared across all users. So it’s best to only take action on suggestions that you’re confident in. When in doubt, ask a colleague who may know better. If you want to review recent activities, an audit log is available, and any suggestions that have been ignored can always be reversed if a correction needs to be made.

If you’re looking for an always-accurate service catalog, then it’s time to get started with OpsLevel. Request your live demo today.

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