OpsLevel Integrates with Slack

OpsLevel is a fantastic source of truth for all of the information around the microservices in your architecture, including all the tools you use to operate each of your microservices.  But it’s not always the easiest to find and discover this information when you really need it – say during a major incident, or during a gameday.

With our new Slack integration, you can have all of your OpsLevel service info right at your fingertips, making it easy to query for service info or collaborate with others on solving operational problems.  Simply run our new /opslevel Slack commands to search for services and bring the context you need directly into your chatops workflow.


Installing OpsLevel to Slack

To set up a Slack integration, visit our Integrations tab, and select “New Integration”, followed by Slack. Note that if you don’t have any integrations, you’ll be directly shown the page below:


Click “+ Add Integration” on Slack and you’ll see an authorization page similar to:

Once you authorize OpsLevel to access your Slack workspace, you’ll be redirected to a page that looks like:


After you’ve successfully installed the OpsLevel Slack app, you’ll be set to start searching for services right from Slack.

Searching for a Service

To search for a service in Slack, you can type the following in any workspace:

/opslevel search <anything>

You’ll receive a reply from OpsLevel that looks like:

OpsLevel will intelligently search and rank results for a service across a variety of fields including its name, description, product, language, framework, and more.  You can type nearly anything as a search query and OpsLevel will do its best to find the services you’re looking for.

The search results will show you the name and description of all the services matching the query. You can click the Show Details button to see a full breakdown of information about a service:

From here, you can see additional context about a service including its Operations Center links, contact methods for the team that owns the service, and metadata about the service.

Showing Details for a Service

If you know the name of a service, you can also show details for that service directly by typing the following in Slack:

/opslevel show <service name>

You’ll receive a reply from OpsLevel that looks the same as clicking “Show Details” from search results:

Try it Out. Give us feedback.

All that’s left is for you to do is try it out! If you have any feedback on how we can improve this Slack integration, feel free to contact us at info@opslevel.com. If you aren’t already using OpsLevel and want to register, visit https://www.opslevel.com/ to request a demo.