About Us


John Laban

John Laban

CEO & Co-Founder

Kenneth Rose

CTO & Co-Founder

Our Story

Our founders have helped facilitate the rise of DevOps culture as very early employees at PagerDuty. We've witnessed how DevOps helped one of the first (and largest) microservices architectures grow and sprawl at Amazon, and have experienced Shopify's transition to cloud native.

We've been software architects, operational incident commanders, and have run the gamut in between. We've seen - and experienced - the difficulties that microservices architectures with distributed ownership & operations can bring to an engineering team. We founded OpsLevel to solve these problems, and make it easy for development teams to own their software in production.

Our Values

The team here at OpsLevel tries to live every working day based on a core set of values. They govern how we work together, the product that we build, and what we look for in future co-workers. They are:
  • Empathy: Think of others; think of your users
  • Growth Mindset: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Intellectual Honesty: The best solution is more important than anyone's ego
  • Focus & Efficiency: Keep the main thing the main thing
  • Simplicity

Talk to us?

We're a startup and would love to learn more about your challenges in adopting and scaling a microservices architecture.

Schedule a call with us, or email us at info@opslevel.com.